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Oct 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
speed of 833.9 miles per hour during his jump today over the new mexico desert. >> reporter: from the edge of space, austrian daredevil gave a salute before jumping. he topped 833 miles per hour eaking the speed of sound. >> you travel so fast, but you don't really realize how fast you are. >> reporter: at times, he seemed to spin out of control. >> for some reason, it started spinning so fast and so violent that sometimes in between, i'm getting unconscious. >> reporter: 24 miles above new mexico, he became a human missile. he was able to reach such great heights thanks to that 55 story helium balloon. in order for a safe liftoff, winds could be no more than 3 miles per hour. on his way up, his breath fogged up his helmet and he complained the air inside his visor wasn't warm enough. >> i do not think i have face heating. >> reporter: the problem was never fixed. >> you see a little bit of frostbite there. for 30 minutes it looked like we would have to abort the mission. >> reporter: but the crew decided the jump was still safe. his free fall is now the highest and fastest known to m
Oct 7, 2012 11:30pm EDT
mexico for this festival this year. if you're a regular channel 9 viewer you have no doubt seen the banners across the top of your tv screen and 30-second commercials telling you about the possibility that wusa may not be available to dish tv subscribers starting monday. gan note, our parent -- gannett, our parent company, is in negotiations with dish. to be clear, negotiations are still underway. wusa and gannett are committed to continuing those negotiations. dish issued a statement saying the issues involve use of the company's commercial skipping technology found on the dvr systems that it provides. the complete statement of wusa and gannett's position can be found at there is some good news in all this. wusa is available over the air oner of rye -- verizon, fios, and others. "game on" overtime after we're finished here. a preview coming up. >>> the big news in sports spreads from the baseball diamond to the football field. the redskins lost the game 24- 17 against the falcons today but they lost more than that. franchise quarterback robert griffin iii got knocked ou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2